Parking lot Blues

What if I told you that my new favorite store was in a parking lot.20140523-131719-47839512.jpg
I’m always on a shopping quest, every city I go to! Today I stopped in Beanie+Cecil at Lumina Station in Wilmington NC. 20140523-132312-48192283.jpg
Bought some Rag and Bone Distressed Jean Shorts! Then walked out the back door to this Kick ass Mobile Shop






Faherty was started by two brothers from the jersey Shore. The clothes are killer quality, tailored to perfection and made of some Boss materials! They are taking their Mobile Store all over the us! Hey Guys if you come to Durham I will Buy


The ToFo ChambrayShirt Dress (195$)
Ok, I might comeback Tomorrow and buy it! They will be in Wilmington till tomorrow so check them out. Faherty

New shirt… No shoes

Me: I bought you a present!
Kyle: oh yeah!!
Me: I bought me one too…
Kyle: I know how this game works, Love you ( cue cheek kiss)
Stopped into Dear Heartsto pick up a Painting from artist Lindsey Harding

20140404-211643.jpg I don’t have the ability to walk into this store without being inspired, or buy something!


These Cozy Shirts are from Bridge and Burn and for sale at Dear Hearts!

20140404-214659.jpg Moral of the story, buy local, especially art, and your husband is no fool to your presents!