Durham a cool factor of 10

It seems to me the epicenter of cool in Down Town Durham is a spot between the SaltBoxand the Marriott! 20140528-094750-35270413.jpg
(Photo from StircrazymomsofDurham)

An area known as Central Park ,so many up and coming things are happening here! 20140528-104908-38948599.jpg
Cocoa Cinnamon is a chic coffee shop/ chocolate bar that has been converted from an old garage. So much of this area maintains the original aesthetic ;which is why things can thrive here!

20140528-105213-39133299.jpgThe Makery rocks local artist work inside and out! All of the goods sold ,are made in NC!

Including their newest addition ;light fixtures from my Husband Mitchell Restoration …end shameless plug!
The real reason I started this blog was for my BuTT

Yes it has two Ts! So you all know one of my favorite spots is Dear Hearts there is a secret about this place , other than the fab vintage clothes and rad sunnies! ( Crap Eye Wear)

There is a private training studio behind the curtain!

Always wondered how these chicks look so good! It’s called Anchor Studio and Stella takes the time to find out everything before she starts your routine! Reasonably priced and oh so chic! Did I mention you can buy a new outfit after your workout! So if you wanna be cool and look amazing check out Central Park in Durham! Lots of reasons to Visit, buy local and Rock your Bod!


What’s Kale got to do with it

Me: Is Kale supposed to burn your eyes when you Juice it?

Kyle: I don’t think so…

Me: Is it supposed to burn and make your eyes sensitive to light?

Kyle: Maybe you’re doing it wrong?!?

Me: hmmm? I wonder if I’m allergic?


 My in laws are not only some of the most fashionable people I know, but also some of the most fit. I would love to say that they eat cheeseburgers and smoke cigarette’s all day to maintain there amazing physique, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Kyle was taught that food is fuel; I was taught Mangi! Mangi!

Mangi! Mangi!
Eat! Eat!

A couple of years ago my in-laws were looking EXTRA amazing…

 I inquired:

It must be all the Juicing!

Juicing? Tell me more.

They proceeded to explain that they had been eating Raw and using  a Jack La Lanne Juicer.

  You can eat all day ,lose weight, and your skin looks amazing. Count me in.

To Barnes and Nobel I went with two key words, Raw and Juicing. I was on fast track to becoming a raw foodiest!

 Morning one of my Juice Cleanse.

The juicer was amazing and powerful. Every vegetable I pulverized made me feel healthier and stronger; but what happened when I started juicing the Kale would change my life forever.

I made my first juice: Green Lemonade and was supposed to consume a mason jar full of this juice three times a day.

3fs Oozze
5stalks of Kale
1head of Romaine
1/2 cucumber

Once I had juiced most of the produce I only had the kale left , as I pushed the kale through the juicer it released a pungent odor and fumes that made me hide my head.

Surely this detox is working, but sensitivity to light?

This continued for 3 days, did I mention that I smelled like an onion. I tried a different juice on my 4th day;  Carrots and apples…

No more tears

On the fifth Day I decide to get my produce at The Fresh Market  instead of the Harris Teeter. I Couldn’t seem to find the Kale, so I asked.

Gourmet Grocery Store


Me: Excuse me Sir, I cant seem to find the Kale?

TFM Employee: Oh, That’s because we haven’t put out yet. Let me get it from the back.

The man returns with a box, and pulls out this beautiful over sized green leaf.

ME: Sir, are their different types of Kale?

TFME: Yes mama, there are lots of types of Kale

ME: What about this?(  I am holding up a Leek)

TFME: No …Mama that is an Onion, not Kale



So once I had real Kale not only in my Juice, but Raw there was no eye stinging or green oozey drinks, and green lemonade became one of my favorite juices’.

So what’s Kale got to do with it?

I just wanted to Share my favorite Kale Salad recipe with you: that is all.


3fs Kale Salad

5 stalks of Kale Washed and cut off of the stem


2Tbsp Braggs Liquid Aminos

2Tbsp Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

1Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tbsp. Texas Pete Cha!® or 1TbspTexas Pete®  Hot Sauce

1Tsp Minced Garlic

1/2 Juice of a Lemon

Pepper to taste

Cover Washed and Cut Kale in Dressing until Kale is saturated.

I’ve Found the best way to do this is by shaking vigorously in a sealed plastic container or bag.

 Warning it is Spicy, but after all What’s Kale got to do with that anyway!