Olsen inspired

It is no secret that the Olsen’s are by far my favorite fashionistas! 20140609-005508-3308115.jpg
I found my self lost for an outfit tonight, and again referred to one of my many Pinterest boards!

Executed the denim Tuxedo rather well if I do say!


Olsen Style! 20140609-005746-3466296.jpg

Fashion Dynasty Note:
Shirt: Caslon for Nordstrom, custom monogram
Belt : Gucci
Jeans: James
Shoes: Manolo Blanhik

Distressing Denim

In the 90s there was a show called Beverly Hills 90210

It was about the real life struggles of a 90s teen! Well in the 8th grade I thought it was real!

I related to the character Brenda Walsh; a middle class girl trying to keep up with the hip stylings of her rich BH friends.

One episode Brenda can’t afford the designed distressed denim that Kelly can… So she makes it herself!

The Wantering has a great Blog on How To Distress you own Denim!

Fashion Dynast Note:
I use a disposable women’s razor on the pockets and tops of my jeans to get a good fray!