Forecasting Fuchsia

It was a pretty Grey day Sunday in High Point , the kind of date your just want to stay in bed!This was my 9th trip to high Point furniture market .


Oly is the Only way to Stay in Bed

It’s a bi annual show for all things home; furniture, art, carpet, and lighting. People come from all over the world to see what’s new in the world of Interiors design.


mariska meijers

I’ve tried convincing many of my  Interior design friends that one of my gifts is forecasting the trends that will take off in the real world ( not Just Dwell Magazine) and be profitable.


TWS Venice Art

Just one problem with this type of gift, the results are delayed . So you are now reading a blog in the future; If you are reading this blog Spring of 2017 you have two choices you can read it and let it influence your future home choices so you can say

I did it first !

You can also just put this link in your book marks for a year and send me some feedback next year.

Now for the Forecasts   

Interior design has become a much more hands on approach for the consumer. Since we now have the ability to decorate our own home “expertly” with the help of the Internet and Pinterest … we have a much higher margin of error. So we aren’t doing full room makeovers ,we are investing in one piece at a time.

Fuchsia is so bright,gotta wear shades of pink 

Ottomans, Rugs , pillows , art, and side boards.

For the softer souls with higher budgets there are blush sofas and Chez even light pink Vanity.

If you’re the kind of person who needs to dip their toe in slowly; table top boxes are the perfect way to break into a trend. Shagreen (WTF is that) , tortoise , polished stone and wood canal add a dramatic flair to any room.

In comedy the joke is only funny if there is a straight man. The straight man in this situation is grey and it’s kind of itchy.

Light and dark but full of slightly uncomfortable textures to touch but very visually pleasing!

I hope my Trend Forcast for 2018 can help you change your interiors one piece at a time.


Kelly Wearstler


Abstract Movement


Mariska MeijersOly StudioTWS Venice

Made GoodsNourison Rugs
Alexis Walter,Maggie Cruz
Worlds away ,Bungalow 5

Selfie plus 1

It wasn’t until today that I understood, fashion is more than a formula. Each person has different gifts and my family has been blessed with gift of style.

The Man Behind the Selfie

If you follow my Tumblr then you know I love Road Trip style!


He calls himself the denim clad warrior he’s my hero!



I’m still not sure how we got this way.



Art in our life comes in every form

Even in the form of shoulder pads !

He actually did this hair color, then plus oned my selfie!

Up my nose selfie plus one.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!

More road trip style

I think that’s all I can give you tonight, but don’t forget one thing. We laugh a lot, we look horrible often, and we do not take ourselves as seriously as you do! You can’t fail at fashion, but change your outfit!


Photo above by : @Robinshowedup via Instagram

New shirt… No shoes

Me: I bought you a present!
Kyle: oh yeah!!
Me: I bought me one too…
Kyle: I know how this game works, Love you ( cue cheek kiss)
Stopped into Dear Heartsto pick up a Painting from artist Lindsey Harding

20140404-211643.jpg I don’t have the ability to walk into this store without being inspired, or buy something!


These Cozy Shirts are from Bridge and Burn and for sale at Dear Hearts!

20140404-214659.jpg Moral of the story, buy local, especially art, and your husband is no fool to your presents!

My New Favorite Artist

  The only thing I know about this young man is his name. I found him on Instagram, and was blown away by his Ball Point Pen Art.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

I think the work speaks for it self. My husband and I hope he becomes world Famous…Not just because we own Chief Mitchell,

Chief Mitchell

Chief Mitchell

but because every artist who feels this much on paper should have a chance to share that love with the world.



Check out his Shop on Etsy. TommyMitche11Art. Support the artist before the Gallery gets him and he’s only getting a percentage of the love he is creating.