I don’t Drink Gin

It’s true I am 100% a vodka girl! 

I also don’t take shots it’s not Lady Like!   

Last night I did both, calm down Dad I had a DD he’s the guy in the left of the photo! My Husband  Kyle and recently faced a Bar and cabinets at the Durham Distillery a boutique Distillery and the home to Modern Gin.  


Bar Face & Faux Marble by Kyle Mitchell

So  we were invited to there Grand Opening! It was a crappy night in Durham as we got dumped on by Joaquin, but when we arrived the tents were a glow and I was rocking my newest Edie Sedgwick Doo!  

 As we entered we were greated by Melissa and Lee the husband and wife master minds behinde this “modern Gin” as they ushered me to the tasting bar I was reluctant since I couldn’t mix my gin due to the NC liquor laws. Oh the hesitation in that first shot of Gin and I had to take it straight… 

  I was blown away seriously the discription of this Gin is exactly as the way it taste. It was smooth it was a little floral it was in fact 

Vodkas cousin in a red dress! 

Liqueur was next in line to taste!  

 Damn Fine is the only way to describe this chocolatey alcoholic  goodness! This would be perfect alone on the rocks!  
  We had a lovely time! Thank you Melissa and Lee! We look forward to watching this buisness grow!

In short, I don’t drink Gin but if I do it better give me a Conniption!

The Durham Distillery is located in downtown Durham North Carolina for tastings, tours and info email them at info@durhamdistllery.com

Durham Distillery 

711 Washington Street 

Durham, NC 27701 

p. 919-937-2121

The Dark side of the Bump

According to The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ( ACOG), between 14-23% of womenwill struggle with some symptoms of depression in pregnancy.

 This was a Stat I remember sitting in bed reading through my tears.  I had just gotten into another fight with my husband, We had been married about six months . No stranger to a passionate argument, this one felt diffrent.    

The only reason I won’t hurt myself is because I might be pregnant.

Who says that? Who feels that? What was I thinking… Had I lost my mind.

It was months before I started researching Depression During Pregnancy as I sat alone in our bedroom quietly sobbing to myself I realized I wasn’t alone. Not only had other women experinced what I was going through, but It was infact a new theroy . There was a time when doctors belived it was impossible to be anything but happy while you were pregnant.  

  He is going to be so happy because I am so sad.

I would sit on the floor sobbing and my husband feeling so helpless would hold me and say… Poo šŸ˜¦ ( our term of endearment )  I had convinced myself the child inside of me was taking all of my happiness and it was okay I felt this way because he was going to be so happy!

  He turned out to be amazingly happy, and he makes me amazingly happy!!!

The idea that I was overwhelmed with sadness during what some women refer to as the best time of there life was more pressure than I could handle.  

 There are lots of hormonal ups and downs during pregnancy, but depression and anxiety are all consuming and take over. Those voices speak louder than any other. Even the statistics make you feel tiny…you are less than a Quater so you must be broken. 

  No I believe I am a small percentage that is willing to stand up and say 

I was sad during my pregnancy and I am a happy well adjusted and gracious mother, my mental health does not change how much I love my child.

 My willingness to accept help allows me to further care for myself my family and my child.  

Depression during and after pregnancy: A resource for women, their families and friends from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Office of Maternal and Child Health

Mental Health America, nmha.org or 800-273-TALK (8255)

mothertobaby.org,  Medications and more during pregnancy and breastfeeding from the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS)

National Alliance on Mental Illness, nami.org or 800-950-NAMI (6264)

National Institute of Mental Health 

Substance and Mental Health Services Administration 

Source March of Dimes


I’ve taken a short pause from blogging for so many reasons. I’d love to say it was because I was pregnant and exhausted or because I’m a new mom.   


The honest truth is ;when I started this blog I promised myself if I didn’t have anything nice to say than I wasn’t going to say anything… 

 Hence my scilence. Pregnancy was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. 

 Then after that I had to explain to my mother, my father and a handful of strangers why my child wasn’t Breast fed. 

  In a series of blogs over the next month you will experince my honesty, heartbreak , and sadness. Most of all I hope my Story will help you on your journey. In the end this is a fairytale, it’s just the missing pages filled in.


Instagram LookBook Shopper

You know by now I’m an Instagramaholic my new favorite past time is following the rabbit hole of Likes! 20140729-094908-35348004.jpg
This photo of my Vacation #ootd was recently liked by Halcyon Fair who knew one like would open up this page of awesomeness .

I am dreaming of my little pregnant baby bump throwing a cocktail party in this vintage number.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to maternity Fashion and vintage!


If I was a daring Man Repeller Fashionista I would rock this top and skirt baby bump exposed!


Check out these beautiful photos of Maura in my home town of Chapel Hill North Carolina.

I’ll leave you with two sets of vintage earring from her site
My birthday is tomorrow these king of the Jungle studs are fitting for a Leo!


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