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You know by now I’m an Instagramaholic my new favorite past time is following the rabbit hole of Likes! 20140729-094908-35348004.jpg
This photo of my Vacation #ootd was recently liked by Halcyon Fair who knew one like would open up this page of awesomeness .

I am dreaming of my little pregnant baby bump throwing a cocktail party in this vintage number.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to maternity Fashion and vintage!


If I was a daring Man Repeller Fashionista I would rock this top and skirt baby bump exposed!


Check out these beautiful photos of Maura in my home town of Chapel Hill North Carolina.

I’ll leave you with two sets of vintage earring from her site
My birthday is tomorrow these king of the Jungle studs are fitting for a Leo!


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How to Grow hair before work!

Step 1: buy some hair ( Real Human Hair ) 20140603-163735-59855212.jpg
I like the 18″ clip in from Sally’s they are 130$, cheaper than real ones and half the time!

Step 2. Lay out the hair so you can see what you are dealing with.

Step 3. make sure your hair is dry and styled the way you want to wear it. ( wavy or straight)

Step 4. Section your hair about an inch and a quarter above the nape of your neck ( more if your hair is fine )

Step 5. Tease and spray the roots of this section. This creates a base and something for the clip to hold on to.

Be sure and have all of the clips popped open for easy installation!

Step 6. Press the clip against your scalp , once it feels secure pop it closed. ( fashion dynasty note: if the clip isn’t sticking tease more and add more hair spray)

Step 7. Spray your hair and extension with a workable heat protection spray.
(FD note: be sure that you have Real Human Hair

Step 8. Take a small workable section of your hair and the extension, comb the section together and either curl or straighten.

Pull down your next section and repeat steps 5-8







Use a light Silicone Shine product, I’m using Evo Love Perpetua Shine Drops

Run your fingers through your finished long hair! ( carefully you don’t wanna pull them out! )

Look at that hair grow!

Blow down not up

Most women wish for a man in their bathroom every morning.. A man named Chris McMillan (Jen Aniston’s stylist).
Well, not everyone has one of those so here is my How To Style your naturally wavy hair in 20 min and look like it took Hours!

First the Tools :
Professional Blowdryer
Round Brush
Vent Brush

This is my hair ,out of the shower.

Apply a product that will moisturize your hair and protect it from the heat. I’m using Living Proof PHD, it is a 5 in 1 that adds shine, moisture, volume, and frizz elimination! Dime or quarter size depending on your hair thickness and length.

Put the product on your hands like your putting lotion on them, fronts and backs of your hands, then apply roots to ends until your hands are clean.

Comb the product through out with your vent brush.

I’m using a Babyliss Pro ItaliaBrava
It is 2000 watts of hairstyling awesomeness with adjustable heat settings and a turbo button! I use high heat and high power for my thick hair, lower your heat for finer hair.

Start with the vent brush blowing the hair around your face straight back. Follow the brush with the dryer to smooth your your hair line.

Section an inch of hair around your hair line, in front of your ears.

Push your round brush down to gather the inch section and roll back toward your face.

Blow the section away from your face, notice my section is the same width as my brush. Keeping your sections clean and small will allow you maintain control.

Pull the brush through the lower portion of the section , still blowing away from the face.

Twist the brush lightly while moving down the section, the nozzle of the dryer should follow the section until you corkscrew the brush out of your hair!

I have bangs/ fringe that I am growing out; so to incorporate them I set the dryer on turbo and blast with hot heat holding it in my hands, then cool shot to set.

Repeat on the other side .

Next section is the underneath section.

Split the sections in two. The front and the underneath are what frames your face, this is why I start with the most important section.

Notice the section is the same width as my brush. Brush the hair into your round brush same manor as the front, just backwards.

Slowly cork screwing the section till the ends drop out following the brush with the nozzle.

Now that the underneath and front are styled, drop the rest of your hair down, and spray with a little more product. living proof flex spray will protect your hair from the heat and add a slight bit more hold.

Grab your crown section to smooth the top hairs .

Smooth both sides of the crown.

Always finishing a section the way it will lay, so blow dry the cuticle smooth, and down away from the face.

Cork screw this section slowly to finish the ends.

Incorporate all of the sections together with the round brush.

Marrying the top and bottom section will push the curls in a similar direction, because the middle section of hair is only 50 percent dry it will leave humidity in the hair, so your hair will get bigger as it drys.

Notice there is hair that isn’t smooth, this is a 20 min fix so don’t expect JLo @ the Grammys when you are done.

Smooth some of the sections together at the ends to avoid frizzy ends.

Because you have wavy, or curly hair you can brush these sections together with your vent brush fusing the hair together. ( no recommended for straight hair)

20140520-130800-47280019.jpg Brush these sections together flipping the ends up and smoothing them with your hands.

Apply a pea size of a moisturizer, or shine drop… See PHD does it all!


Smooth it through your hair, away from your face in a twisting motion.

Make a duck face and take selfie!

Cuz your done baby!

Fashion Dynasty Note:
Why a professional dryer? This dyer will get hotter and work more efficiently than a cheap dryer, because it is powered by Ferrari it will far out last the toy Motor in your 20$ dryer. Be sure and get at least a wattage of 1875! Babyliss, Rusk , Conair are my go to dryers, irons and tools!

Major Dad

My father is the greatest supporter I’ve ever had. I have been blessed with his unconditional love, and would like to take a second to acknowledge him.
Major Dad, I love you thank you for everything!


American Public Works Assn. Award applauds exception management, operation and maintenance
Norfolk, VA – The American Public Works Association has named Harvey Howard, Norfolk waste management superintendent, its 2014 Professional Manager of the Year – Solid Waste Award winner. The award recognizes exceptional management, operation and maintenance of public sector solid waste operations.
“Harvey Howard is an exceptional leader and manager, who has done a wonderful job making waste collection in the City of Norfolk safe, efficient and responsive for our residents,” said John Keifer, Director of Public Works.
Harvey Howard joined the City of Norfolk as Superintendent of Waste Management in September 2011. Harvey oversees a $20 million budget and is responsible for the operations and coordination of the City’s refuse, yard waste, recycling and bulk waste. Harvey regularly meets with residents, civic organizations, policy makers and regional organizations.
Harvey has more than 20 years of experience in the waste management field. Prior to joining the City of Norfolk, Harvey served as the Solid Waste-Fleet Maintenance Services Superintendent for Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
The American Public Works Association has more than 28,000 members worldwide. Harvey will receive the APWA’s Professional Manager of the Year – Solid Waste Award at the 2014 International Public Works Congress and Exposition in Toronto, Ontario later this year.

I came thirsty, and left Hungry for more

Me: OOH What is that cool place?

Sister: Oh! Mom says we don’t go there, because its too young and cool.

Me: Can we go back to the place where the tattooed people where hanging out the Window?


One of the many reasons to Visit Norfolk isn’t only because my parents live there, but because it is a very cool town.


Found an awesome new bar, The Field Guide


Then found out it was a restaurant too.


The Field Guide is located on Granby Street in Downtown Norfolk.


The service is Killer; the people are good looking, and the bathrooms are clean.


… and now I’m Hungry.






My New Favorite Artist

  The only thing I know about this young man is his name. I found him on Instagram, and was blown away by his Ball Point Pen Art.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

I think the work speaks for it self. My husband and I hope he becomes world Famous…Not just because we own Chief Mitchell,

Chief Mitchell

Chief Mitchell

but because every artist who feels this much on paper should have a chance to share that love with the world.



Check out his Shop on Etsy. TommyMitche11Art. Support the artist before the Gallery gets him and he’s only getting a percentage of the love he is creating.