9 Months of Black a True Story 

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Share your story here…

That’s exactly what I’m doing. Someone asked me today what my goal was with the blog; originally it started as a fashion blog because who doesn’t want to have a reason for all those selfies.    

 Once I found out I was pregnant I was terrified of what it was going to do to my body. I had worked so hard to be in great shape to feel good in my clothes, so good infact I was shareing pictures of myself with millions of strangers. 

 The first time my husband and I tried to conceive I couldn’t do it, I was in tears. I didn’t want to get fat.  

You’re not fat, you’re pregnant 

  I failed to see the difference honestly, and what is maternity fashion anyway. I spent my entire life trying to conseal my not so flat stomache, or my wide hips. All of a sudden it was acceptable to be round.  

 In the early months of my pregnancy I counted my calories to make sure my child was nourished and I wasn’t going to gain more than the 25-30 pounds at the doctors request .I gained 25lbs in three months eating 2000-1500 calories a day, and continuing my regular workouts.  

 I felt helpless, by my second trimester I couldn’t do Pilaties or Barre all I could do was walk on the elliptical.. Well that just plain sucks.  

 I wore leggings and black tops, mostly target and H&M that was an easy staple before pregnancy now it was a prison. I was stuck in my own body and forced to act as though it was the greatest time of my life because it was way more difficult to tell people I was miserable. 

 Where is the silver lining in all of this Fashion misery…. Those things you hear about the weight coming off fast. Actually true; I was 20lbs down the first week after my son was born. I was so excited to be able to bend over once I was clear to excersise again it was the greatest feeling of my life. 

 I have this amazing little ball of joy that loves long walks and giggles when I jump rope, my entire pregnancy I failed to realize it was infact temporary . Like so many hard ships in your life… This too shall pass, and it did.  

 The prize at the end was well worth it and the human body is an amazing thing.  


Your body will never be the same after you have a baby

Your right it’s not, it’s better than ever and how I view myself now is diffrent, there is a difference between pregnant and fat; fat doesn’t give you a baby it just gives you diabetes.   

 Love yourself today, it’s the only one you get. 

The Dark side of the Bump

According to The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ( ACOG), between 14-23% of womenwill struggle with some symptoms of depression in pregnancy.

 This was a Stat I remember sitting in bed reading through my tears.  I had just gotten into another fight with my husband, We had been married about six months . No stranger to a passionate argument, this one felt diffrent.    

The only reason I won’t hurt myself is because I might be pregnant.

Who says that? Who feels that? What was I thinking… Had I lost my mind.

It was months before I started researching Depression During Pregnancy as I sat alone in our bedroom quietly sobbing to myself I realized I wasn’t alone. Not only had other women experinced what I was going through, but It was infact a new theroy . There was a time when doctors belived it was impossible to be anything but happy while you were pregnant.  

  He is going to be so happy because I am so sad.

I would sit on the floor sobbing and my husband feeling so helpless would hold me and say… Poo 😦 ( our term of endearment )  I had convinced myself the child inside of me was taking all of my happiness and it was okay I felt this way because he was going to be so happy!

  He turned out to be amazingly happy, and he makes me amazingly happy!!!

The idea that I was overwhelmed with sadness during what some women refer to as the best time of there life was more pressure than I could handle.  

 There are lots of hormonal ups and downs during pregnancy, but depression and anxiety are all consuming and take over. Those voices speak louder than any other. Even the statistics make you feel tiny…you are less than a Quater so you must be broken. 

  No I believe I am a small percentage that is willing to stand up and say 

I was sad during my pregnancy and I am a happy well adjusted and gracious mother, my mental health does not change how much I love my child.

 My willingness to accept help allows me to further care for myself my family and my child.  

Depression during and after pregnancy: A resource for women, their families and friends from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Office of Maternal and Child Health

Mental Health America, nmha.org or 800-273-TALK (8255)

mothertobaby.org,  Medications and more during pregnancy and breastfeeding from the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS)

National Alliance on Mental Illness, nami.org or 800-950-NAMI (6264)

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Source March of Dimes


I’ve taken a short pause from blogging for so many reasons. I’d love to say it was because I was pregnant and exhausted or because I’m a new mom.   


The honest truth is ;when I started this blog I promised myself if I didn’t have anything nice to say than I wasn’t going to say anything… 

 Hence my scilence. Pregnancy was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. 

 Then after that I had to explain to my mother, my father and a handful of strangers why my child wasn’t Breast fed. 

  In a series of blogs over the next month you will experince my honesty, heartbreak , and sadness. Most of all I hope my Story will help you on your journey. In the end this is a fairytale, it’s just the missing pages filled in.


7 signs you’re pregnant: or The 7 Deadly Sins


There are very few things that I relate to large groups of women about. For most of my life I’ve been one of the dudes!

I find myself in a girls club like never before, I relate to Women. I’m starting to understand why they let their bodies, and fashions go. I’m Beginning to see why they love their kids more than their husbands.

Lets be honest everyone has a friend that refuse to be. A mirror enemy : a close friend or acquaintance that embodies all of the least favorite characteristics of oneself.

In this case I’m my own mirror enemy. I’m 11 weeks pregnant with my first child. If you ask any woman how pregnancy is this is what you will hear.

I loved being pregnant!

you can eat whatever you want!

I actually lost weight

aren’t the Hormones amazing, and your skin just glows

Don’t worry, you’ll lose the weight fast from breast feeding

My father asked me not to curse in my blog, Dad I’m sorry!

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit
I am miserable, and you’re really going to hate me. I’ve never vomited once! No, I’m not throwing up violently for everyone to know that I’m pregnant. I’m either constipated, farting, or having horrible diarrhea. I was actually in the bathroom so long the other day my husband insinuated I had been cheating on him with myself…. Have you lost your mind sir.

Oh yes I’m incredibly horny there are hormones racing through my body like a 13
year old boy, but between the mood swings the farts and the constant nagging
What am I supposed to do with it?


I think or my first trimester as the 7 signs you’re pregnant: or The 7 Deadly Sins.

Lust: all of a sudden you can’t drink or smoke for what seems like the rest of
Your life, and if you have a good partner they will offer to Not do those things with you. If your partner is human they will do those things within a matter of days. So you Lust after their freedom as they flaunt it right in front of you.

Greed: I found myself shopping daily, trying to hoard every last pair of size 28 designer jeans I could find, because these were my last weeks in this body. As the bloat and the beer bellyesk bump began to hang over my perfectly sculpted waist.

Gluttony: Whether you are eating to keep from throwing up or you are craving fast food. You are no longer in charge of portion control or your own tastebuds. I have struggled my entire life with weight gain, and my relationship with food; this is unlike and food struggle. The gluttony that takes over and the cravings that leave you helpless.

Envy: You want to head bunt every girl in Pure Barre that hasn’t been forced to stop stretching on There stomach . Every person who can drink Beer and eat Mexican cheese sucks, because you are so envious of them.

Anger: You can probably tell by now its not all baby bumps and glowing skin over here. My husband said it best, “ wow, they really lie to you don’t they when does it look like your pregnant?” Just another reason to be angry ; you just have a frat boy beer belly and you hate everyone.

Pride: you struggle with this one in between bouts of self-doubt and trying to reassure yourself you’re not crazy. You become prideful and no one anywhere better doubt you …                      God Forbid they question you.

 I will end you   is an appropriate to response to every question.

Sloth: You are so unbelievably exhausted and fatigued, your clothes don’t match,
Your house is a mess, and you smell like a fart.

And you smell like a Fart

That is where the blog originally ended. Unfortunately this is only the beginning, and I know for a fact it will get better and there are a million reasons women do this multiple times. I started this blog to be about food and fashion and only publish positive honest views. Just to Clarify this is positive, because on the other end of this blog in the year 2015 is the smartest, most beautiful amazingly talented artist I will ever meet, and if you ever say anything different about my kid…




We will make it ok! Photos By JAM

Slipper Stalking

As you know by now…
This guy is unstoppable, and unbelievably fashionable. Most people think I dress him. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He is usually dressing me. It’s always a simple nod and ” babe, your trying to hard!” He knows how to get the best out of me.

I like to add to his closet so he always has the chance to make interesting choices! Found a rad Instagram for custom shirts and Mens Fashion!

Led me to Bull and Tassel Same low Profile as a classic smoking slipper, but he has support and grip!

Fashion and Function!

Parking lot Blues

What if I told you that my new favorite store was in a parking lot.20140523-131719-47839512.jpg
I’m always on a shopping quest, every city I go to! Today I stopped in Beanie+Cecil at Lumina Station in Wilmington NC. 20140523-132312-48192283.jpg
Bought some Rag and Bone Distressed Jean Shorts! Then walked out the back door to this Kick ass Mobile Shop






Faherty was started by two brothers from the jersey Shore. The clothes are killer quality, tailored to perfection and made of some Boss materials! They are taking their Mobile Store all over the us! Hey Guys if you come to Durham I will Buy


The ToFo ChambrayShirt Dress (195$)
Ok, I might comeback Tomorrow and buy it! They will be in Wilmington till tomorrow so check them out. Faherty

Selfie inspired : a manifesto

Last night I found my self uninspired… I purchased a brand new bag, and felt like nothing in my closet was good enough! 20140519-110313-39793234.jpg
So I poked through My Pinterest

Found this amazing out fit from one of my friends boards! I started thinking I need to put my own selfie collection together! So her it is! Hope it’s inspiring.

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That guy who shows up in my selfie occasionally is my Husband check out his Instagram





He naturally challenges my style choices!

And photobombs me!


He also takes my selfie plus one!
Now that your sick of looking at my face! Hope you steal my outfits