Straight don’t Bake

I’m a hair stylist by trade; I have tried every-way to not make this a hair blog… But I’m really tired of ladies with baked ends!

So here is my bathroom How To Flatiron your hair!

Rusk flat iron
( any professional iron with a temperature gauge)
Living Proof heat protection spray ( any professional heat protection spray)

I rough dried my hair before bed last night and combed it out in the morning. Section your hair in quarter to half inch sections , comb all of your tangles out and apply heat protectant spray to the full section.

Place the comb at your root , comb until the flat iron fits then comb under the flat iron and follow all the way down. This will allow you to not bake tangles and knots into your hair ( that’s what makes your hair break).

Take your next section down and repeat … Notice this distance the spray is from my head! Bend your elbow up and never get closer than that with an aerosol spray.

…and repeat( I can’t help but make silly faces with this many selfies!)

Now for the top section, I will start around my face first. Notice I’m using a smaller flat iron on my Fringe. With any heat tool it is important to choose the correct size tool. You want to be able to find the flat iron in the section your ironing at least 3 times ( this allows you to smooth the iron through creating a more natural effect.

Finally make your Husband take your selfie! It keeps it smooth 🙂

I’ll use a dime size of the Living Proof PHD to polish my ends and add some moisture back into them. This is the same product I used the night before when I rough dried. It is a 5 in one.

Add a jean jacket and Platforms to you PJs with Styled hair and your have an Outfit of the day!

Fashion dynasty note
Why a temperature gauge: it is important to read manufactures directions; a general rule is as follows
Highest Setting: course, resistant, ethnic hair types
Medium Setting: Most of you
Lowest Setting: Fine, thin, damaged hair types

Lastly, don’t iron a section more than twice. If you feel the need to do this take smaller sections!

A Pocket Full of Stubbs

I was introduced to Stubbs and Wootton years ago; by one of my fashionista clients!

She presented to me an ultra preppy smoking slipper

With taboo items monogramed on them!

Now the smoking slippers are all the rage amongst hip kids!

You can tell it’s hip if we are #hashtagging about it!

I grabbed some photos from Instagram so you can see how to rock them street style.

I’m wearing Carolina blue Stubbs and Wootton’s and my Metal Shop belt buckle!

The Skull and CrossBone is a classic look for and aspiring fashionista.

Check out the pockets and weekenders on the website! It’s worth a click … They are having a sale!!!!

Fashion Dynast note:
They run true to size, are very well made , and unbelievably comfortable

Footloose and fancy shoes

Went to the Umstead for dinner and drinks tonight!

20140428-225654.jpg Riding in Walker Texas Ranger (91 Ford)

20140428-225753.jpg I wore Manolo’s to pick up my new bicycle!

We met a client at the bar! Great night great service! Todd & Brendan were no less than awesome!

20140428-230507.jpg I have a new bike to ride to work! It’s a Raleigh from Cary! Footloose and fancy new bike!

Make up The Perfect Storm

Me: Should I keep this?
Kyle: well, do you use it?
Me: I mean… It was too dark
Kyle: … But you have a tan now

Started using Rodan&Fields almost two years ago!
I never stick with Skin Care…Never

The unblemished is the first line I’ve ever used that hasn’t sent me back to BirthControl. Those Hormones will make a Ho Cray Cray.

20140329-172125.jpg That’s me Being Cray!
Ok! Here is the point!
The Enhancement Mineral Peptides Make up is killing it! Got it as a gift with purchase, ordered the wrong color; got a Tan, and now I’m obsessed. It’s really the perfect storm! My Acne is under control, I’m using an anti aging line, and now I have a light powder to control shine and redness. Never been happier with a skin care line! One more time if you missed the link