Instagram the rabbit hole

Kyle is watching Indian Jones ! I am on Instagram finding this! 20140530-220011-79211869.jpg20140530-220012-79212031.jpg
How cool is Tattly. My husband says people without tattoos always say ” they can’t commit!”

Well, it’s true I can’t pick one outfit a day I have to pick three!

So now I can pick 3 well designed Temporary Tattoos a day, and the ironic joke tattoos won’t be party conversation pieces in 5 years!

Durham a cool factor of 10

It seems to me the epicenter of cool in Down Town Durham is a spot between the SaltBoxand the Marriott! 20140528-094750-35270413.jpg
(Photo from StircrazymomsofDurham)

An area known as Central Park ,so many up and coming things are happening here! 20140528-104908-38948599.jpg
Cocoa Cinnamon is a chic coffee shop/ chocolate bar that has been converted from an old garage. So much of this area maintains the original aesthetic ;which is why things can thrive here!

20140528-105213-39133299.jpgThe Makery rocks local artist work inside and out! All of the goods sold ,are made in NC!

Including their newest addition ;light fixtures from my Husband Mitchell Restoration …end shameless plug!
The real reason I started this blog was for my BuTT

Yes it has two Ts! So you all know one of my favorite spots is Dear Hearts there is a secret about this place , other than the fab vintage clothes and rad sunnies! ( Crap Eye Wear)

There is a private training studio behind the curtain!

Always wondered how these chicks look so good! It’s called Anchor Studio and Stella takes the time to find out everything before she starts your routine! Reasonably priced and oh so chic! Did I mention you can buy a new outfit after your workout! So if you wanna be cool and look amazing check out Central Park in Durham! Lots of reasons to Visit, buy local and Rock your Bod!


Wedges on the Rise

With sandals taking a mandal turn I still try to maintain a delicate flair in my Footwear! A few of my wedge obsessions for summer! 20140527-223718-81438815.jpg

Chloe Tuscon Wedge (926$) @Matches Fashion


Neese Glow by Coclico (398$)

Marni ( on Sale! 511$)

Derek Lam ( on Sale 486$)


Valentino (451$ on sale)
Did I mention Saks is having a Sale!!!!

Slipper Stalking

As you know by now…
This guy is unstoppable, and unbelievably fashionable. Most people think I dress him. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He is usually dressing me. It’s always a simple nod and ” babe, your trying to hard!” He knows how to get the best out of me.

I like to add to his closet so he always has the chance to make interesting choices! Found a rad Instagram for custom shirts and Mens Fashion!

Led me to Bull and Tassel Same low Profile as a classic smoking slipper, but he has support and grip!

Fashion and Function!