A Pocket Full of Stubbs

I was introduced to Stubbs and Wootton years ago; by one of my fashionista clients!

She presented to me an ultra preppy smoking slipper

With taboo items monogramed on them!

Now the smoking slippers are all the rage amongst hip kids!

You can tell it’s hip if we are #hashtagging about it!

I grabbed some photos from Instagram so you can see how to rock them street style.

I’m wearing Carolina blue Stubbs and Wootton’s and my Metal Shop belt buckle!

The Skull and CrossBone is a classic look for and aspiring fashionista.

Check out the pockets and weekenders on the website! It’s worth a click … They are having a sale!!!!

Fashion Dynast note:
They run true to size, are very well made , and unbelievably comfortable

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